About us

Located in the heart of Tupelo, MS, Forklift is a distinguished restaurant that raises the bar in fine southern dining. Offering a fusion of traditional southern flavor with a modern flair, Forklift is known for its expertly crafted Southern food that truly celebrates the region’s culinary heritage. Complimenting the exquisite fare, the restaurant also specializes in craft cocktails, meticulously mixed to perfection using high-quality spirits and fresh, local ingredients. Step into Forklift for a unique, refined Southern dining experience set within a vibrant, welcoming atmosphere.

Our Chef

Cooper Miller is the esteemed head chef at Forklift, a renowned restaurant located in Tupelo, Mississippi, known for its expertly crafted southern food and artisanal craft cocktails. Chef Miller’s culinary style brilliantly marries the heart of southern cuisine with innovative techniques and refined presentation. He brings his extensive knowledge and dedication to both the taste and aesthetics of every dish, resulting in a uniquely warm and upscale dining experience. Celebrated not only for his outstanding skill in the kitchen but also for his passion and creativity, Chef Cooper Miller is a stalwart figure in the local gastronomical scene. He strives for excellence in every plate served and continues to push his personal boundaries, inspiring both his team and his patrons at Forklift.